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Reddit is a multimedia aggregate site, where users can submit content and vote submissions "up" or "down" to determine their position on the pages of the site. Reddit is becoming one of the defining cultural representations of the decade, representing the democratization of culture and promoting the free flow of knowledge across the net. Like many internet forums, it has a well known liberal bias.


Reddit is organised into "subreddits", each for a subject or area of interest, where users submit their content. There are currently 50 default subreddits which automatically appear on the front page, but registered users can customise which subreddits they subscribe to and therefore which appear on their personal front page.

Reddit's atheism subreddit is one of the largest most active atheist communities on the internet. However, in mid-year 2013 it was removed from the default subreddit list for not being up to standards of the site.[1]

Gaming the system

Reddit is suceptible to being gamed, and during 2009, it was believed that the infamous Digg Patriots were actively engaging in censorship on the website by collectively banning liberal users and hiding liberal posts while promoting conservative posters. These actions were revealed in 2010, after a year long investigation leading to most of these users being banned from the service.

The mainstream Reddit community is overwhelmingly liberal, and conservative values are commonly "downvoted", especially in the "Politics" subsection of the site.


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