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Reddit atheism, also known as r/atheism, is one of the largest internet groups of atheists. Mashable reported that Reddit atheism recently grew to 2 million members so it may very well be the largest online community of atheists.[1]

A June 14, 2013 Mashable article declared:

In recent years, r/atheism has become known for memes, images, quote pictures and other content viewed by some as "low brow."[2]
The Question evolution! campaign by Creation Ministries International is a worldwide campaign which poses 15 questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer.[3] The 15 questions posed to evolutionists can be found HERE

Historically, the atheist population has often used mockery as a substitution for reasonable discussion/debate and Reddit atheism is a continuation of this tradition (see: Atheism and mockery).

In response, a supporter of the Question evolution! campaign wrote:

Question: Is the low quality, evolution loving public school system pumping out an inordinate amount of low skill, rebellious, spoiled atheist brats? Is Reddit atheism made up of a lot of low skill, atheist brats? Yes, it is. Reddit atheism is filled with a lot of mind numbing foolishness. It is an intellectual wasteland. Furthermore, we know that once you establish a reputation for something it is very hard to re-position yourself. See: Re-positioning the decades long "atheist nerd brand" is going to be close to impossible

Of course, the whole atheist "movement" (which is in global decline in terms of its adherents) is low brow and that is why so many of them are afraid to debate the creation vs. evolution issue. See: 21st century atheism is well-known for its cowardice and Global decline of atheism/agnosticis

See also: 7 reasons why atheism has developed a reputation of being low-class and "low brow" [4]

Reddit atheism, modern atheism and hateful groupthink

See also: Atheism Quotes

The atheist website declared concerning Redditatheism:

Readers familiar with Reddit’s atheism community, r/atheism, may not be surprised to learn that I think it exemplifies many negative aspects of modern atheism — hatred, prejudice, and belief by cultural conformation rather than rational inquiry." [5] - Vlad Chituc at

Reddit atheists and cowardice

See also: Atheism and cowardice and Evidence for Christianity and Weakness of secularistic upbringing

In May of 2013, Policymic published an article on Reddit atheism entitled Reddit Users: Why Atheist Redditors Are Stuck On the Internet which declared that Reddit atheists are reluctant to proclaim their atheism offline.[6]

The Policymic article declared:

Are we to make cowards out of Reddit’s atheists for the discrepancy between the prevalence of real life and internet proclamations of godlessness? Maybe, as the world’s loudest atheist, Richard Dawkins, first bemoaned in his TED talk, “Atheists do not want to be impolite … Can we stop being so damned polite?” Or, as R/atheist stalwart with the username “blackstar9000” explained in a very thoughtful post on the state of the atheist subreddit, “Many of the users are just recently converted, who fear being ostracized by people the religious people who make up their support system.”[7]

Compared to other worldviews, atheists have the highest losses of individuals leaving their worldview. See: Weakness of secularistic upbringing

Beginning in the 1980s and accelerating in 2011 and beyond, atheism, agnosticism and Darwinism have developed a reputation of cowardice. See: Atheism and cowardice and Creation scientists tend to win the creation vs. evolution debates and Instances of Richard Dawkins ducking debates

Inability of Reddit atheists to answer the 15 questions for evolutionists

In March of 2012, the YouTube Christian Shockofgod invited Reddit atheists to answer the 15 questions for evolutionists. One Reddit atheist attempted to satisfactorily answer the 15 questions and failed. A live audio recording of his attempt was made:

Reddit atheists: 15 questions evolutionists hate: Live dialogue

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