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Reince Priebus is the Chief of Staff for President-Elect Donald Trump for his new administration. Priebus's appointment disappointed some Trump supporters, who consider him to be part of the Establishment.

Priebus has been a RINO Backer who was elected to be the Republican National Committee chairman in 2011, and then led the Republican Party to one of its worst performances in history: instead of winning the Senate as expected, the Republican Party lost seats there, and an incumbent Democrat was reelected president despite high unemployment.

Priebus has never been elected to public office. He was formerly the head of the Wisconsin GOP.

Priebus was reelected as Chairman of the Republican National Committee in early 2015 after Republicans scored historic gains in the 2014 midterm elections.

On election night, Trump credited Priebus for his campaign efforts, but post-election analysis showed that Trump's victory in Priebus's home state of Wisconsin was not due to a get-out-the-vote effort, but to substantially lower turnout by Dems to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Gorsuch nomination

Priebus reportedly had a role in promoting pro-choice nominee Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court, and Priebus may have assured Trump that Gorsuch would be confirmed by the Senate. That confirmation is in doubt as nearly all Democrats have shown a willingness to filibuster Gorsuch, and more than a few Republicans show an unwillingness to change the Senate rules simply to confirm him.