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Religulous is a 2008 comedic documentary on the current state of modern world religions, from Christianity to Scientology by Bill Maher, and directed by Larry Charles. It's well known for its criticism of religion, particularly Christianity, and to a lesser extent Judaism and Islam.

The movie has many points of call: 1) Francis Collins of the Human Genome Project 2) A trucker's chapel. The chapel features many religulous "born-again" Christians, including one who was a self-proclaimed Satanist. 3) Jeremiah Cummings, former member of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, a megachurch pastor who makes some very hypocritical and incorrect statements. 4) Pastor John Westcott of Exchange Ministries, a very controversial attempt to "cure gays" 5) The Author of the book The Gay Gene 6) Steven Berg, an ex-Jew for Jesus. 7) Mark Pryor, Democratic Senator on his view of Creationism and religious beliefs. 8) Ken Ham, the creator of the Creation Museum 9) Ex-head of the Vatican Observatory on his take on the Bible 10) Father Reginald Foster, Senior Vatican Priest 11) The Holy Land Experience 12) Speakers' Corner, satirically preaching Scientology 13) Mormon tenets 14) Ex-mormons 15) Grand Central Station, Dr. Andrew Newburg 16) The Neuterei Karta 17) Rabbi Shmuel Strauss 18)Jesus Miranda, cult leader

Many others...

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