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Reservoir Engineers are a subset of Petroleum Engineering. Reservoir Engineers work to maximize the recovery of a drilled well. They work to optimize the recovery of the oil and gas reserves and often spend large amounts of time in the field [1] Their skills often include applied mathematics, as well as subsurface geology and knowledge of chemistry and physics. Their roles include developing recovery programs and overseeing the economic viability of projects.

Overview / Responsibilities

Reservoir Engineers are heavily involved in the economic analysis of a well. Some of their responsibilities include.[2]

  • Estimating reserves and development planning
  • Carrying out reservoir simulation to optimize reserves
  • Predicting reserves in a well.
  • Developing and optimizing reservoir recovery techniques
  • Analyzing pressure transients
  • Designing and coordinating petrophysical studies
  • Analyzing economics and risks of development programs
  • Estimating reserves on producing properties

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