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Richard F. Doyle is an author whose earlier book "The Rape of the Male" and current book "Save The Males" have established him as one of the first leading father's/men's rights advocates. He has maintained that position for three decades with his advocacy of equal rights for men and critical organizational efforts, helping steer the father's rights movement to its position today.

Doyle founded Men's Equality Now International (MEN International) in 1977 and edited its newsletter, "The Liberator" until 2004.

Doyle is also Director of the Men's Defense Association based in Forest Lake, Minnesota.

Doyle is an honorary team member of the International Men's Network


  • “Is feminism a cure for which there is no disease, or a disease for which there is no cure?” - Richard F. Doyle
  • "The history of our “movement” has resembled a circular firing squad unable to redirect its fire at the real, philosophic enemies." - Richard F. Doyle
  • "I founded the Men's Defense Association for the following purpose: To preserve the intact traditional, nuclear family through restoration of equal (not identical) rights for the male sex across a broad spectrum of life, including divorce, employment and crime punishment, as well as equal dignity in image."- Richard F. Doyle
  • “Dick Doyle, who for years has been the backbone — & brain & muscle — of the Men’s Rights Movement." Professor Emeritus Daniel Amneus, USCLA, author of Garbage Generation, Back to Patriarchy, The Three Othellos, The Mystery of Macbeth, among others.


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