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Richard Spencer

Richard Bertrand Spencer (born May 11,1978) is an American white supremacist, and a self proclaimed member of the Alt-Right. [1] Spencer claims that he created the word alt-right. [2] He states that he is not a Neo-Nazi or the member of the KKK.[3] He wants to create a country for white people only, which he calls a safe space for white people. [4]


Richard Spencer believes that "Race is real", and that "Race matters".[5] Spencer is an atheist, though he does not believe that the separation of Church and State is entirely possible.[6] Spencer does not believe that he is a white supremacist.[7] Spencer believes that black people are less smart than white people based on comparative IQ studies.[8]

Spencer's wife Nina Kouprianova has also gained prominence through her English-language translations of the works of Aleksandr Dugin.[9]