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Robert A. Millikan (1868–1953) is a Nobel Laureate and one of the preeminent physicists of the 20th Century. He was awarded a total of 25 honorary doctorates and many prestigious medals ranging from the Hughes Medal to the Faraday Medal. Through his thinking on the limitations of science Millikan became a highly vocal critic of Darwinian Evolution.

Views on creation

Millikan believed that God originally created matter and life and that God still watched over his creation. Millikan believed humans were separate from the animals. Millikan was critical of naturalism and concluded that although materialism was sometimes called scientific, it was “in its very method and essence unscientific” because it was “universally assertive and dogmatic”, and that “clear-thinking minds in all countries refused to be stampeded by it, realizing the limitations of the scientific method.[1]



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