Robert III (1390-1406)

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Robert III was the eldest son of Robert II. He married Annabella Drummond in 1367. Robert suffered a debilitating injury after falling from a horse in 1387. Even though Robert III was crowned king in 1390 , he was more of a figurehead monarch, as his brother, also called Robert was effectively Prince Regent.

Robert III had many children. The oldest of them, David died mysteriously in 1402. Robert now feared for the safety of his other children (especially his son, James I) and in the same year arranged for James I to be taken to France. However, Robert, the effective prince regent, did not want any competition for the throne of the now ailing Robert III, and so he sent an army to stop James I from escaping Scotland.

However, James and several followers escaped to a tiny island off the east coast of Scotland, where he waited for a month on the tiny island before a ship ,sent by Robert III found James, and set off for France. However, English spies had heard of this, and reported it to the king of England who in turn arranged the ship's capture.

The raid was succesful, and James I remained a hostage of the English for 18 years.

Robert III ended his reign as a depressed, self-hating old man. It is said that he wanted to be buried under a dunghill, instead of a traditional royal grave.


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