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Roberto Montenegro Nervo (Guadalajara, 1885 - Mexico City 1968) was a Mexican painter and illustrator. He is considered a pioneer of Mexican Muralism as well as Gerardo Murillo (Dr. Atl). Montenegro was cousin of Mexican poet and writer Amado Nervo.

Montenegro painted several frescoes in the Great College of Saints Peter and Paul in Mexico City, commissioned by Jose Vasconcelos. and several frescoes in the Bar Papillon, commissioned by Leon Tissot, in Mexico City.

Montenegro The Tree of Life 1922.JPG

The Tree of Life, 1922.

Montenegro was also an influential promoter of popular arts, organizing events such as the first popular arts festival in 1921. In the thirties he published a book "Pintura Mexicana del Periodo 1800-1860" and collaborated with Marc Chagall in the choreography of the ballet Aleko, and with Antonio Leal in the Le Simoun ballet by Lenormand. He also dedicated himself to portraiture, becoming a master of technique, best seen in a portrait of his friend Chucho Reyes Ferreira, currently found at the Regional Museum of Guadalajara. [1]

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