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Roger and Me is the first movie by liberal socialist Michael Moore, released in 1988. Slightly less un-American than his later films (but only slightly), it nevertheless displays a negative view of capitalism and the free market. The "Roger" in the title is Roger Smith, chairman of General Motors. With the exception of a few liberal festival accolades, the film won no major awards, and received mixed reviews.

The movie Manufacturing Dissent shows that some aspects were fictional. In the movie it says that there should be a town hall meeting. Nightline wanted to report about the meeting, but could not because its transfer car was stolen. The director of Roger and Me later said, that there was never a meeting or a stolen car. As well in the film Moore wants to talk with Roger Smith, but he avoids Moore. In Manufacturing Dissent it is known that Moore talked with Smith, but he did not wanted to use this material for his movie.