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Roy Moore is the elected Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, and a conservative. In 2015, he stood up for sovereignty over the issue of marriage and ordered probate judges to comply with state law rather than an order by a federal district court that attempted to change state law.

In 2003, liberals removed him from office for rejecting a federal court order to remove a statue of the Ten Commandments from the supreme court building rotunda. He was subsequently reelected in a landslide as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

He is also the founder of the Foundation for Moral Law.

On May 7, 2016, Moore was illegally suspended from the bench by the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission for continuing to uphold Alabama law (which, despite the illegal claims otherwise by the five liberal judges of the United States Supreme Court, outlaws same-sex "marriage" and is still in effect) based on frivolous complaints filed by leftist hate group and terrorism enabler the Southern Poverty Law Center and a number of other homosexual agenda-supporting groups and individuals who support the illegal imposition of same-sex "marriage" by the US Supreme Court (via the unconstitutional Obergefell v. Hodges ruling in 2015) and other corrupt liberal-leaning federal judges.[1] Supporters of same-sex "marriage" and the illegal suspension of Moore have taken to making childish and immature attacks and false allegations against Moore and his character at the Facebook pages of both the SPLC and fellow far-Left group the Human Rights Campaign in response.[2][3]


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