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Russell James Hamstead (born March 3, 1985) is a well known Australian Emergency Services Officer, Latter-Day Saint and Conservative. He is a strong advocated of nuclear energy, small government and traditional marriage.

Personal Life

Born in Canberra, ACT, Russell attended public schools and graduated from Penrith High School in 2002.

Emergency Services

He joined the NSW Rural Fire Service in 2003 as a Volunteer, and soon thereafter began training with the NSW Fire and Rescue Service to become a fully qualified Fire Fighter. He moved to Bathurst to begin University studies to become a Paramedic, whilst also qualifying for Hazmat duties with the fire service. It was during this period that he was severely injured in a chemical spill call out, which (thanks to excellent medical care) left him with only minor scaring and no major long term impacts. Completing his Parmedica degree, he began his tenure in Forster and then transferred to Liverpool NSW.

Conservative Activism

He first joined the Liberal Party of Australia (in Australia, this is the conservative party) in 2004 and has maintained strong involvement ever since. He attended a number of Anti-Carbon taxation protests throughout 2011. He won a national vote with a question regarding nuclear power to the Australian Minister for Climate Change which was published and answered in a national newspaper[1] and has ranked highly in other related votes[2]