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S.E. Cupp (b. February 23, 1979) is an atheist political commentator. She is an author of the book Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity, detailing the mainstream media's blatant and obvious bias against Christianity. Cupp is also the co-auther of the book Why You're Wrong about the Right: Behind the Myths.

She is currently a commentator for CNN and was formerly a co-host on the now cancelled political debate show Crossfire and before that a co-host on the MSNBC left-wing political talk show The Cycle. Despite being a self-proclaimed conservative, Cupp is very vocal about her social liberalism and her contempt for conservative figures such as Rush Limbaugh. Cupp has also declared that she is boycotting the Conservative Political Action Conference simply because the event is not co-sponsored by the leftist gay group GOProud. In February 2013, she signed an amicus curiae brief demanding that the U.S. Supreme Court force every single state in the United States to recognize gay "marriage" regardless of the wishes of residents of those states. On a November 2013 broadcast of Crossfire, Cupp attacked and berated Christian activist Ralph Reed because he supports traditional marriage.[1]

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