Saint Catherine of Vadstena

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Saint Catherine of Vadstena (Swedish: Katarina av Vadstena), 1332-1381 AD, is a Swedish saint. She was the daughter of Saint Bridget of Sweden, accompanying her mother to places such as Rome and Jerusalem. She married Lord Eggert van Kyren at an early age, with whom she took a vow of celibacy. She is said to have written a devotional work known as Consolation of the Soul, which has been lost to history.

After the death of both her husband and her mother, she became head of the Brigittine order, founded by Saint Bridget. In 1484, Pope Innocent VIII gave permission for her veneration as a saint. Her feast day was assigned to 22 March. Her beatification and canonization was never completed, due to the Protestant reformation.

She is the patron saint of protection against abortion and miscarriage.

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