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Samantha Bee (born October 25, 1969 in Toronto, Ontario) is a liberal Canadian/American talk show host, writer, producer, actress and "comedienne". Since 2015, Bee hosts a weekly political commentary show for the TBS network. She is a former correspondent for Comedy Central series The Daily Show with Jon Stweart and is that show's longest-running regular correspondent, serving from 2003 until 2015.

Early life

Bee's parents separated soon after her birth, and she was initially raised by her grandmother, who sent her to Catholic schools. Bee spent her freshman year at McGill University, where she studied humanities. Bee transferred to the University of Ottawa after her first year and took a theatre class. Bee later enrolled in the George Brown Theatre School in Toronto.

In 2001, Bee married Jason Jones. They have three children.


Bee left The Daily Show in 2015 to start up her own spinoff show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, which debuted on February 8, 2016, on TBS. On that show, she goes even further than she did on The Daily Show, resorting to bigotry, projection and liberal use of foul language, name-calling and even outright lies[1] and the use of fake news[2] in her deliberate mischaracterizations and attacks of religion, conservative politicians, public figures and the general public who refuse to embrace liberal agendas (such as "global warming", the homosexual agenda, abortion, feminism, gun control, support for Islam and supporting both the Obama regime and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign), which she tries to pass off as "comedy" or "satire" but invariably falls flat as pathetic and unfunny. During her reports, she also often behaves like a dimwitted, middle-aged teenybopper, which is very little of a stretch for her as she basically cheerleads for and fawns over Obama, Hillary and other liberal politicians and public figures in those same segments.

Not surprisingly, liberal media outlets have gushed over Bee and heaped unwarranted and undeserved praise over her show, but members of the public have been far more scathingly critical of the show, her hosting, her "comedic" style and even her intelligence (or lack thereof).[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] Conservative media have not shown much regard for Bee either, criticizing her for her dishonesty, her attacks on and lies about conservatives and traditional values,[12] her callous and ill-considered attacks on people suffering illness by comparing them to "Nazis"[2][11][13] and her use of foul language on her show.[14]

On January 30, 2017, Bee announced that she would be hosting a gala to counter the White House Correspondents Dinner to be aired on TBS.[15]

"Nazi hair" controversy

On the March 8, 2017 edition of Full Frontal, Bee stepped up her stupidity level by callously making an ill-considered comparison of Kyle Coddington, an attendee of the February 2017 conservative CPAC conference, to a "Nazi" because of his close-cropped haircut. The following day, Bee was chastized on Twitter by Coddington's sister, Megan Coddington, for the cruel barb, revealing that her brother has stage four brain cancer.[11] Bee subsequently took down the offending video clip from her YouTube page (although the original video was saved by NewsBusters as a reminder of her comment) and offered a hollow "apology" for the tasteless remark, but the damage had been done as she received a heavy amount of criticism on Twitter for it, while she was roasted for the comment on Fox News Channel.[13] Although it was later reported that Coddington received $1,000 from Full Frontal at his GoFundMe account toward the treatment of his cancer (out of a total of $85,323 he has received to date, most of it coming from other donors following the controversy), the $1,000 donation came from the show's production staff, with very little of it (if any) coming from Bee personally, exposing the meaninglessness of her "apology".[13]