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The San Diego Rescue Mission located at 120 Elm Street in San Diego is a Christian organization dedicated to helping the homeless.

It houses anywhere from 340 to 360 people in its yearlong onsite programs as well as providing emergency facilities for overnight stay. There are separate sections for men and women/children. Many "clients" wrestle with the burden of additions to drugs or alcohol. The program helps achieve sobriety as well as work training and job placement. Halfway houses are available when the program is complete.

People of all faiths are allowed into the program, but daily chapel service is mandatory. Rates of success far exceed national and city averages with helping people to turn around their lives. The Mission also patrols 12 city blocks around the area with private security, which has led to a decrease in the crime rate since their arrival 3 years ago. Neighbors who were once cautious are now glad for their presence.

The San Diego Rescue Mission collects 2 million pounds of food annually from outlets around the community. The homeless assisting community is tightknit in San Diego, and food is shared with other homeless shelters when possible, especially when there is an excess of perishable food. Cooking and storing food for other shelters also occurs when needed and the resources are available.

Funding for the program is based entirely on private donations. In order not to infringe upon other rescue missions, fund raising appeals are limited to San Diego county.

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