Satires of evolution

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Perhaps if the atheist PZ Myers drank more Slimfast and less beer, he would have had a trimmer figure in this picture.

(photo obtained from Flickr, see license agreement)

Below are some satires of evolution:

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Postscript: The transitional animal the flying kitty?

The transitional life form flying kitty.gif

For more information please see: The transitional animal the flying kitty?

Please notice the much debated "tail rudder system" for the flying kitty which evolutionary "scientists" claim evolved over time, but which creation scientists assert were obviously the work of intelligent design. Flying kitties are believed by evolutionists to be closely related to the flying pig species, but creation scientists counter that evolutionists have yet to offer any proof and evidence for this claim. For details on how evolutionary "scientists" arrive at their findings please see: You obviously don't understand how science works...