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Scientific classification
Kingdom Information
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Information
Phylum Chordata
Class Information
Class Sauropsida
Sub-class Diapsida
Infra-class Archosauromorpha
Order Information
Superorder Dinosauria
Order Saurischia
Sub-order Theropoda Sauropodomorpha
Population statistics
Conservation status Extinct

Saurischia (Greek: σαυρος sauros; and ισχιον ischion; "lizard-hipped"), one of the two major orders of the dinosaurs which were arranged in 1888 on the basis of many species sharing a common structure of the pelvic bones. Saurischian dinosaurs are again divided into two suborders: the Theropoda - carnivorous dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus rex; and Sauropodomorpha, which were mainly long-necked herbivores, some of which were the largest animals to have walked the earth.

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