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SaveNetRadio is a website devoted to stopping the royalties proposed by the Copyright Royalty Board. The Copyright Royalty Board is planning to raise the current rates on July 15, 2007. The new rates will be for commercial and for larger non-commercial webcasters are based on a pay-per-play rate of $.0008 for 2006, $.0011 for 2007, $.0014 for 2008, $.0018 for 2009 and $.0019 for 2010. is currently lobbying to stop the hikes which, it claims, will "kill music". They dub July 15 "the day music dies"

In response to the new royalties, many webcasters are participating in a "Day of Silence" which is to take place June 22, 2007. On June 22, millions of webcasters will shut off their internet streams to protest the new royalties.

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