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School Ties is a 1992 movie about a tall, handsome Jewish boy who is sponsored by school alumni to transfer to an elite New England prep school in the 1950s. [1] Chris Greene (Brendan Fraser) hides his Jewish heritage, hoping to avoid his classmates' Anti-Semitism and get into Harvard. Matt Damon plays Charlie Dillon, a quarterback switched reluctantly to halfback so David can lead the team to victory over the school's hated rivals. Dillon initially befriends Greene, but after he plays poorly in front of his father at a big game and loses his girlfriend to Greene, he takes revenge by using an overheard remark to disclose Greene's religion.

Another element in the story is the school's strict honor code. When a crib sheet is discovered on the floor after a history exam, known weak student Dillon is pitted against top scholar Greene; the boys must turn in one of their section as a cheater.

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