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Name Tunic Cap Disposition Paradox
Dopey lime green purple youngest, sweetest, and silliest actually quite clever at getting near Snow White
Grumpy red grouchiest and most curmudgeonly; opposes letting Snow White stay leads drive to save Snow White when others gave up
Doc orange-brown the only one of the dwarfs to wear glasses (so presumably the most intellectual) talks in Spoonerisms when nervous
Happy brownish two-tone yellow the most rotund of the dwarfs sad all the same after Snow White eat the apple and "dies"
Bashful purple magenta inclined to turning red and saying "Oh, Gosh!" boldly asks for a 'love story'
Sneezy yellow-brown sneezing on smell
Sleepy brownish green yawning and blowing away a fly most of the time alertly figures out that forest animals are warning that "the old Queen's got Snow White."