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Shampoo is a liquid used in the care of hair. Often it is used in conjunction with conditioner. Its purpose is to flush out the oil from hair follicles and rejuvenate each strand of hair from root to tip.

To ideally use shampoo, you should place approximately a dollop in your hands. Smear it a tad between your hands before lightly smearing it along the surface of your hair. Work the shampoo product into your hair, using a kneading or churning motion, until it has saturated to the scalp. Rinse your hair and repeat the above steps.

Modern shampoos frequently feature herbs, such as aloe, jojoba and danewort. Many are all natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

Shampoo originated from India, deriving from the Hindu word champo. British merchants travelling along the Ganges River witnessed hair rinsing rituals which purportedly produced long, luxurious hair. The merchants returned to England with rudimentary shampoos, igniting a nationwide fad for herbal hair care products. With the advent of synthesized shampoo, shampooing became ingrained in the daily hygeine regimen of people around the world.