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Sheffield is a major city in the North of the United Kingdom. The South Yorkshire city is famous for its steel industry, although this is now in severe decline.


There are two universities in Sheffield: the University of Sheffield, and the newer Sheffield Hallam University. Both are respected institutions, the latter perhaps more than the former. The University of Sheffield offers a wide range of vocational degrees whereas Sheffield Hallam offers the more traditional academic undergraduate options.


Sheffield is home to two football teams. Sheffield Wednesday (the Owls, who play at the Hillsborough Stadium) compete in the Football League One and Sheffield United (the Blades, who play at Bramall Lane) compete in the Championship.


The six constituencies within Sheffield have consistently voted for the very liberal British parties. In the 2010 general election five were won by the British Labour Party and one by the Liberal Democrat's.[1] The Liberal Democrat seat is currently held by their leader, Nick Clegg. His constituency, Sheffield Hallam, is extremely liberal thanks mainly to its make up being predominately students from the two universities in the city.



Sheffield has rail links to most other major UK cities, including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.


There is a light rail system, known as the Sheffield Supertram, in Sheffield. It is run by the Stagecoach Group.