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Sick Puppies is an indie/alternative rock band from Sydney Australia, currently located in Los Angeles. The band is comprised of Shimon Moore on guitar and vocals, Emma Anzai on Bass, and Mark Goodwin on the drums. The band is probably most famous for their hit single "All the Same" and the "Free Hugs" video, which has spawned 27 million views on the popular video hosting site

Formation and early work

The band formed in 1997, when Moore and Anzai were attending high school. According to interviews, both were misfits, and met accidentally once when the music room teacher double booked the room, Moore, then on the drums, claims that they united in friendship as a result of knowing all the same songs and being into the same music, most of which was from alternative punk at the time, such as Green Day. Later, with new drummer Chris Mileski, they formed Sick Puppies. There song "Nothing Really Matters" won awards for best live performance.

In 2001, they released there first full album, Welcome to the Real World, which differs significantly from their other work, in that it seems to be a primarily metal album.

Free Hugs, "All the Same," and Dressed up as Life

The band gained a surprise following shortly after coming to the US, with new drummer Mark Goodwin. The following can be said to be due to the success of the free hugs video on YouTube, which featured their first single, "All the Same". The video is the story of Juan Mann, a man who believed that in giving free hugs to people, by reaching out and helping complete strangers for no reason other than to be friendly, he could make the world a better place.

In 2007, they released their second album, Dressed Up As Life. Four singles were released from it, "All the Same", "My World", "What Are You Looking For," and "Pitiful."


In 2009, Tri-Polar was released. The album was a moderate success, with songs such as "Maybe" achieving mainstream radio play. "You're Going Down," "Odd One," "Maybe," and "Riptide" were released as singles.