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Silver sample.
Name Silver
Symbol Ag
Atomic number Unknown
Atomic mass Unknown

Silver is a chemical element. It is a precious metal which has been used as money. Silver is found natively in nature and may be mined underground.

Silver is considered to be the most flexible and reliable form of barter by many survivalists (such as James Wesley Rawles, Joel Skousen, Ragnar Benson, and Alex Jones) specifically in a long term economic collapse. Unlike gold, silver is far more flexible for small item purchase and barter. It is available in many recognized forms and freely exchanged as a barter implement even during "good times".

Silver in Folklore

Silver, considered a metal of purity, is often portrayed in folk tales and modern fiction alike as an effective weapon against vampires, werewolves, and other evil creatures. Silver nails driven into a coffin lid were thought to prevent evil spirits from rising.[1] Silver is also used a great deal in witchcraft, and is usually worn by participants in modern Wiccan rituals.[2]


See Also


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