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Sir Jimmy Savile (31 October 1926 – 29 October 2011) was a British entertainer and presenter. Savile (born 1926) began his career as an all-in wrestler before becoming a disc jockey in the clubs of the north of England, in and around his home city of Leeds. He was an early DJ on the BBC's pop music radio station Radio 1 and was the first presenter on BBC Television's iconic and long running show Top of The Pops. From the 1970s he hosted Jim'll Fix It where he granted requests to (mainly) children; the show was revived in 2007. He was also noted for his charity work: he ran numerous marathons, and also did unpaid work in hospital mortuaries.

Since his death he has been accused of being a serial sex offender against young girls appearing on his shows or who came into contact with him through his various "charitable" activities. Police investigations are continuing. (October 2012)