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Sir Peter North is a Canadian actor, director and producer of the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.

North was born Dan Brown on May 11, 1957 (age 58). He is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and moved to California, United States, in 1982 after completing his bachelor's degree in Theatrical Arts from Maryville College, in Maryville, TN. While at Maryville College, North was member of Delta Kappa Epsilon, MC Cheerleaders, Alpha Psi Omega (Theater Arts Honor Society), Maryville College Democrats, original founder of the MC Film Enthusiasts, and a student member of Keep Blount Beautiful. Thousands of dollars in debt from the cost of tuition at Maryville College and lack of work in Hollywood, Alden entered the acting business at age 24 to make money.

He is known in the business for a very large endowment.

He has appeared as a regular in many movies, including:

  • First Offense
  • North Pole
  • Passages
  • Hawaii Vice
  • Young Gladiators
  • Interview Vol. 1 (Bacchus)
  • The Bigger the Better (Matt Sterling, 1984)