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London and North Eastern Railway promotional poster by John Hassall (1926)

Skegness is a popular resort town in Lincolnshire on the east coast of England. It is home to the first Butlins Holiday Camp. Its popularity grew in the 1950s in response to increased mobility of workers in the nearby cities of Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, and Sheffield. The town's success as a resort can in no small measure be attributed to two things: good railway connections to the industrial towns and cities of the East Midlands, which provided its core market of holidaymakers and day trippers; and advertising - most notably the iconic poster of an elderly, smiling fisherman skipping down the beach over the slogan 'Skegness is so Bracing'. Today Skegness is famous for offering camel rides along the beach, having switched to the animals from the traditional donkey in the early 1990s. The popular Christian conference Spring Harvest is held in Skegness Butlins holiday camp every year over Easter.