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Sleights is a large village in North Yorkshire, England. It's located a few miles from the tourist resort / fishing port of Whitby, on two steep hillsides either side of the River Esk.

At one end of the village is the notorious "Blue Bank", a common accident blackspot along the A169 (particular with larger vehicles) that takes traffic in & out of the village from the North Yorkshire Moors. According to GOOGLE EARTH data, this stretch of road starts off at around 930 ft above sea level and drops down to around 300–285 ft by the time it reaches the bottom. It provides quite an amazing view on a good day.

After going through the main shopping area of the village, there's a further steep drop from 180 ft to 85 ft as the road takes you onto Sleights Bridge (which takes traffic over both the River & the Railway station). Almost straight after the bridge is a blind junction which connects the B road roughly following the River Esk towards the neighbouring village of Ruswarp. Straight on ahead after the junction, the road leads you out of the village, rising from 55 ft to 340 ft above sea level as it takes you to the junction of the A171 Whitby to Middlesbrough Road, located near the place where the first German plane to be shot down by the British in World War 2 landed