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The Socialist International is the worldwide organization of social democratic, socialist and labor parties. It currently brings together 170 political parties and organizations from all continents.


The Socialist International, whose origins go back to the early international organizations of the labor movement, has existed in its present form since 1951, when it was re-established at the Frankfurt Congress. Since then it has been increasingly active and grown considerably in membership, more than doubling the number of its members in recent years. Labor, social democratic and socialist parties are now a major political force in several countries around the world, with numerous member parties of the International leading governments or representing the main opposition force. Over 60 member parties of the International, in over 55 different countries and territories, are currently in government.

Disreputable membership

While the Socialist International claims to support "the strengthening of democracy",[1] many of its member parties stand at the head of dictatorial regimes or have done so in the past, while other member parties support terrorism and engage in other shameful actions. The following[2] are among the International’s more disreputable members:

  • MPLA – The ruling party of Angola. A report by Freedom House described their regime as undemocratic, corrupt and prone to committing human right violations.[3] While the party no longer identifies with marxism,[4] it still maintains cordial ties with the tyrannical regime in Cuba.[5] The MPLA regime has also been implicated by the UN in “crimes of genocide” in the Democratic Republic of Congo.[4]
  • New Democratic Party – A Canadian party that had a crucial role in giving female serial killer Karla Homolka a lenient sentence rather than life in prison.[6] While Homolka was proven beyond a doubt to have been actively involved in the rape and murder of three young girls (one of whom was her sister), she was sentenced to only 12 years.[7]
  • Socialist Party of Chile – The party of Salvador Allende.
  • Meretz – An Israeli party which supports terrorism and has ties with the Cuban regime (for more details see the relevant Conservapedia article on this party).
  • Progressive Socialist Party – A Lebanese party which is allied with Hezbollah and Syria.[8]
  • FRELIMO – The ruling party in Mozambique. Formerly Marxist,[9] it still retains cordial ties with Cuba.[10] The party’s victory in the 2009 elections is believed to have been achieved through electoral fraud.[9]
  • SWAPO – Namibia's ruling party, which has ties with Cuban regime.[11]
  • FSLN – The party headed by Nicaragua’s president Daniel Ortega. Known for its alliance with Cuba, Iran[12] and Venezuela.[13] It is currently engaged in a tireless effort to abolish Nicaragua’s democracy through electoral fraud and judicial activism.[14]
  • Fatah – A Palestinian terrorist organization[15] dedicated to bringing an end to the state of Israel.[16]

In addition, current president of the Socialist International George Papandreou[1] has come out in support of terrorist Yasir Arafat in the past and said that his death was “a great loss for the Palestinian people”.[17]

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