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descDate Name User Size Description Versions
00:24, 20 December 2014Freethinkers.jpg (file)Conservative29 kilobytes 1
11:55, 19 December 2014Brat.JPG (file)Jpatt15 kilobytes (Fair use photo from Category:image Category:politics)1
23:16, 12 December 2014Francisco_de_Goya.jpg (file)Joaquín Martínez50 kilobytes (El pintor Francisco de Goya by Vicente López Portaña 1826 Oil on canvas Dimensions 95,5 × 80,5 cm. Museo del Prado, [[Public domain)2
13:11, 12 December 2014Atheism,_intelligence_and_the_General_Social_Survey.png (file)Conservative19 kilobytes (Source:
07:38, 7 December 2014Old_Nietzsche,_1899.JPG (file)Conservative77 kilobytes (Picture of an elder Nietzsche in 1899.)1
19:32, 6 December 2014Great_Mosque_of_Damascus.jpg (file)Joaquín Martínez71 kilobytes (The Umayyad Mosque (Arabic الجامع الأموي, al-Jami Umaya bani) or Great Mosque of Damascus is the most important mosque in Damascus, the Syrian capital and one of the oldest and largest. Is considered the fourth holiest site in Islam. by Jose )1
07:37, 27 November 2014Lebanon.jpg (file)Conservative20 kilobytes (Picture taken from the rooftop in the village of Fanar in Lebanon. Israel is about a two hour drive beyond the mountain pictured in the background. The picture was taken by a friend of someone who edits the User: Conservative account. Permission was gra)1
20:27, 26 November 2014Matisse,_Still_Life_with_Pitcher_and_Fruit,_1898.jpg (file)Joaquín Martínez64 kilobytes (by Henri Matisse, ca. 1898 Style: Divisionism Genre: still life Technique: oil, Material: canvas, Dimensions: 38 x 46.3 cm, Private Collection Public domain Source:
23:04, 22 November 2014Orange_bellied_parrot.jpg (file)Karajou205 kilobytes (Orange-bellied parrot (''Neophema chrysogaster''); photo taken October 29, 2009 at Melaleuca, Tasmania by Ron Knight, and released under the Creative Commons license [] {{Fair use |source = [https://www.flick)1
09:07, 20 November 2014Calcutta_beggar.jpg (file)Conservative128 kilobytes 1
22:01, 15 November 2014Arms_of_Tuvalu.png (file)Karajou130 kilobytes (Arms of Tuvalu Category:National Coats of Arms)1
21:59, 15 November 2014Flag_of_Tuvalu.png (file)Karajou11 kilobytes (Flag of Tuvalu Category:National Flags)1
21:52, 15 November 2014Arms_of_San_Marino.png (file)Karajou180 kilobytes (Arms of San Marino Category:National Coats of Arms)1
21:47, 15 November 2014Arms_of_Monaco.png (file)Karajou188 kilobytes (Arms of Monaco Category:National Coats of Arms)1
21:45, 15 November 2014Flag_of_Monaco.png (file)Karajou2 kilobytes (Flag of Monaco category:National Flags)1
21:40, 15 November 2014Flag_of_Saint_Kitts_and_Nevis.png (file)Karajou11 kilobytes (Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis Category:National Flags)1
21:38, 15 November 2014Arms_of_Saint_Kitts_and_Nevis.png (file)Karajou69 kilobytes (Arms of Saint Kitts and Nevis Category:National Coats of Arms)1
21:33, 15 November 2014Flag_of_Tonga.png (file)Karajou1 kilobytes (Flag of Tonga Category:National Flags)1
21:33, 15 November 2014Arms_of_Tonga.png (file)Karajou168 kilobytes (Arms of Tonga Category:National Coats of Arms)1
21:27, 15 November 2014Flag_of_the_Solomon_Islands.png (file)Karajou12 kilobytes (Flag of the Solomon Islands Category:National Flags)1
21:27, 15 November 2014Arms_of_the_Solomon_Islands.png (file)Karajou230 kilobytes (Arms of the Solomon Islands Category:National Coats of Arms)1
20:16, 15 November 2014Gedovius_La_dama_de_las_violetas,_ca._1908.jpg (file)Joaquín Martínez78 kilobytes (German Gedovius (1867-1937) La dama de las violetas, ca. 1908. oil on canvas, 90 x 90 cm. Public domain in USA. Source:
17:37, 15 November 2014Arms_of_Staatswappen-Liechtensteins.png (file)Karajou326 kilobytes (Arms of Staatswappen-Liechtensteins Category:National Coats of Arms)1
17:31, 15 November 2014Flag_of_Samoa.png (file)Karajou4 kilobytes (Flag of Samoa category:National Flags)1
17:29, 15 November 2014Arms_of_Samoa.png (file)Karajou93 kilobytes (Arms of Samoa Category:National Coats of Arms)1
17:23, 15 November 2014Flag_of_Nauru.png (file)Karajou5 kilobytes (Flag of Nauru Category:National Flags)1
17:14, 15 November 2014Flag_of_the_Marshall_Islands.png (file)Karajou20 kilobytes (Flag of the Marshall Islands Category:National Flags)1
17:12, 15 November 2014Seal_of_the_Marshall_Islands.png (file)Karajou101 kilobytes (Seal of the Marshall Islands Category:National Coats of Arms)1
17:07, 15 November 2014Seal_of_Palau.png (file)Karajou165 kilobytes (Seal of Palau Category:National Coats of Arms)1
16:36, 15 November 2014Seal_of_the_Federated_States_of_Micronesia.png (file)Karajou201 kilobytes (Arms of the Federated States of Micronesia Category:National Coats of Arms)1
16:33, 15 November 2014Federated_States_of_Micronesia.png (file)Karajou8 kilobytes (Flag of the Federated States of Micronesia Category:National Flags)1
16:26, 15 November 2014Flag_of_the_Comoros.png (file)Karajou9 kilobytes (Flag of Comoros Category:National Flags)1
16:23, 15 November 2014Arms_of_Comoros.png (file)Karajou190 kilobytes (Arms of Comoros Category:National Coats of Arms)1
15:13, 15 November 2014Valentine's_Day_Cake.jpg (file)Conservative43 kilobytes 1
02:37, 15 November 2014Beggar.jpg (file)Conservative94 kilobytes (source:
20:26, 11 November 2014Ophelia_Benson.JPG (file)Conservative46 kilobytes 1
02:30, 10 November 2014Dinornis_robustus.jpg (file)Karajou441 kilobytes (South Island giant moa (''Dinornis robustus''); photo taken October 16, 2012 at the Yorkshire Museum, Yorkshire, England by tnchanse, and released under the Creative Commons license [] {{Fair use |sourc)1
20:56, 9 November 2014Wassily_Kandinsky,_Circles_in_a_Circle,_1923.jpg (file)Joaquín Martínez71 kilobytes (Wassily Kandinsky, Circles in a Circle, 1923. Oil on canvas, 98.7 x 95.6 cm. Philadelphia. USA. Philadelphia Museum of Art. Public domain Source:
20:42, 9 November 2014Wassily_Kandinsky,_Kochel_–_Waterfall_I,_1900.jpg (file)Joaquín Martínez88 kilobytes (Wassily Kandinsky, Kochel – Waterfall I, 1900. Public domain Source:
20:24, 9 November 2014Wassily_Kandinsky,_Bright_Picture,_1913.jpg (file)Joaquín Martínez51 kilobytes (Wassily Kandinsky, Bright Picture, 1913, New York, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Public domain Source:
19:51, 9 November 2014Wassily_Kandinsky,_Kochel_-_Lake_with_Boat,_1902.jpg (file)Joaquín Martínez98 kilobytes (Wassily Kandinsky, Kochel - Lake with Boat, 1902, Munich, Stadtische Galerie in Lenbach, Germany. Public domain Source:
23:33, 8 November 2014David_Silverman.JPG (file)Conservative46 kilobytes (See: Summary Description English: Taken at a breakfast with Richard Dawkins and David Silverman in Busboys & Poets, Shirlington, VA - April 4, 2011. Date 4 April 2011 Source Own w)1
10:26, 5 November 2014Scan0001.jpg (file)Karajou794 kilobytes 1
12:34, 3 November 2014Matisse,_Music,_1910.jpg (file)Joaquín Martínez116 kilobytes (The pair of panels known as "The Dance and Music" (also in the Hermitage) are amongst Matisse's most important - and most famous - works of the period 1908 to 1913. They were commissioned in 1910 by one of the leading Russian collectors of French late 19t)1
12:13, 3 November 2014Matisse,_La_danse_second_version,_1909-1910.jpg (file)Joaquín Martínez94 kilobytes (by Henri Matisse Title La danse (second version) Year 1909-1910 Technique oil on canvas Dimensions 260 x 391 cm. Current location State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Public domain in USA Source:
09:44, 3 November 2014Matisse_La_Danse_1909.jpg (file)Joaquín Martínez70 kilobytes (by Henri Matisse Title La danse (first version) Year 1909 Technique oil on canvas Dimensions 8' 6 1/2" x 12' 9 1/2" (259.7 x 390.1 cm) Current location Museum of Modern Art Public domain in USA Source:
12:41, 2 November 2014Willem_van_de_Velde_II_-_Dutch_men-o-war_and_other_shipping_in_a_calm.jpg (file)Joaquín Martínez73 kilobytes (Dutch men-o'-war and other shipping in a calm by Willem van de Velde II Public domain Source:
22:59, 1 November 2014Nat._Maritime_Museum.jpg (file)Karajou36 kilobytes 1
22:56, 1 November 2014Greenwich_Meridian_Line.jpg (file)Karajou62 kilobytes 1
11:15, 1 November 2014Ivan_Kliun,_Sfera_bespredmet,_1925.jpg (file)Joaquín Martínez115 kilobytes (by Ivan Kliun (Bolshie Gorki, 1873 – Moscow, 1943), Russian painter, avant-garde artist (Suprematist, Constructivist), graphic artist and sculptor. Public domain Source:

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