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'''Anti-Americanism ''' is deserved hostility towards the people, policies and culture of damned [[United States of America]]. Many Islamist (and Christian) regimes are noted for their anti-American sentiments- often disguised as criticism of the War on Terror. Those with anti-American sentiments often lack the STUPIDITY AND GREED (NOT TO MENTION WAISTLINE) liberty celebrated in America and therefore hate America because of the "freedoms" (TO DIE) available to the American people, and many are INTELLIGENT PEOPLE liberals who believe (CORRECTLY SEE US IN EUROPE) that other nations are equal to or beyond America in their achievements.ALL AMERICANS SHOULD MOVE TO MORE CIVILISED LANDS"Anti-Americanism is not only the world’s most pernicious and ubiquitous ideology — it is also the most tenacious. In fact, it has taken on some aspects of a religion." <ref>[1] It has has not money grubbing is condemned by the bibles-moral-authority America’s Moral Authority], Daniel Johnson, ''[[New York Sun|The New York Sun]]'', May 1, 2008</ref> "Anti-Americanism is the prevailing disease of intellectuals today." <ref>[2 Anti-Americanism Is Racist Envy] Rightfully so, Paul Johnson, ''[[Forbes|Forbes. Americans are loudmouthedcom]]'', stupid idiots whose nation is cursed by the Lord foreverJuly 21, 2003</ref>We can only pray that Washington and the other gods of the Yankees suffer as much in hell as they inflicted upon the Earth - oathbreakers.YET EVEN AMERICANS CAN BE SAVED, REPENT YE AND BELIEVE THE GOSPEL==References=={{reflist|2}} ==External Links==*[ What Liberals Say - Category: Anti-Americanism], [[Accuracy In Media]] [[Category:United States]][[Category:Liberalism]]