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[[User:PatrickMarion|PatrickMarion]] 08:52, 4 January 2013 (EST)PatrickMarion
== I have no desire to contribute anything further to this website ==
I consider myself myself a Christian, I try believe the Bible is word of God, and I try not to sin against my fellow man, and I do think abortion and homosexuality have no moral standing in the eyes of God, and that he sent his son Jesus (who was God in human form) as our redemption and the Holy Spirit as a guide to that redemption.
At the same time, I believe in the God who redeems the sinful and hates the sin but not the sinner, a God who was stern but willing to show love for his enemies, even willing to die on a Cross for his enemies, friends, and even those who did not know him so that all may have everlasting life, and I believe in the God who showed kindness to not only prostitutes and tax collectors, but also to the very Pharisees who would eventually put him on the Cross, wishing to forgive them for the sheer gravity of the sin they didn't realize they were committing as he died there.
With that said, I must confess I heard a lot of bad press about Conservapedia before coming here, and I decided to follow the example of that tolerant, loving God, and I decided to ignore the scorn and derision of its critics, so I registered an account to post here, because while it did seem a little farther to the right than I anticipated, I did appreciate the idea of a conservative oriented wiki project, so I decided to contribute.
At first, I was frustrated by the general disorganization of the site and limited rights I had as an editor, but considered the frequent vandalism I seen that had to be undone, I understood the reasons for those limits and decided to contribute as best I could in helping improve the site quality.
I was aware that many parodists and trolls had infiltrated the site and had corrupted articles, and when I read over the articles accusing Obama of being a Muslim without any real proof that would withstand the scrutiny of a court of law (which, as I understand, would be an anathema to you, Mr. Schlafly, as you are a lawyer), I decided to investigate those sources to see if they had any basis to them.
Before I continue, I do not believe Obama has been an effective President of America nor an effective political leader, and I don't entirely believe his stated faith and his public morality matched up, but even Christians can fall away from the word of God, and unless there was solid proof of his being a Muslim, I will not accuse anyone of something I cannot prove, just as Jesus refused to accuse the Pharisees of things he could not prove, And besides, freedom of religious expression is an integral constitutional right, and even if Obama were a Muslim, that is completely immaterial to me as long as it does not infringe on my right to be a Christian.
As for those sources, I investigated many of them, and many of those sources were not only conservatively biased (this is an educational resource with a conservative focus, so that is not entirely bad), but some were clearly wrong, such as the oath of office not taking place on a bible (that's tradition, not law) being proof Obama was a Muslim, the point about Obama's middle name (even if he were a Muslim, even Muslim tradition would have no objection to his middle name, and US law would not require his name be changed for any reason), and most disgusting of all, the fact a Youtube video produced a religious bigot who equated Nazism with Islam accused Obama of mocking the Bible (I found the Original broadcast of the excerpted comments, and they were taken out of context) was clearly nothing but anti-Muslim hatred.
For the record, the reason I take issue with anti-Muslim hatred is this: '''they worship the same God as do Christians and Jews''', so even if Obama were still Muslim, he still believes in the same God as you or I do, and he hasn't infringed on our rights to worship that God in any way, so the focus on his religion and why he must be a Muslim sounded more than a little paranoid. Besides, while John F. Kennedy was a Catholic, I would no more hold that against him than I would Obama being a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Shinto, Scientologist or even an agnostic or atheist, since the Constitution guarantees the ''right'' to believe anything you want, and while his public morality and political career seems like relevant targets of a conservative wiki, I found it frankly ridiculous and more than a little suspect about the focus on how Obama HAD TO BE a Muslim since quit I posting the day before this message.
When I finally decided to check back in, not only were the words other editors who also had reasonable doubts ignored (despite being legitimate), but I found this:
[[Mystery:Why Do Some Oppose the Likelihood that Obama Is Muslim?]]
It wasn't even an extension of the religion debate, it was basically asking why anyone would doubt your own assertion Obama was a Muslim, and coupled with a reversal of almost every single reasonable doubt on the topic, I can only conclude your mind has already been made up that Obama is a Muslim, and while I don't understand your motives for this nor why the opinions of those who are clearly bigoted are allowed to stand as if they were as legitimate fact, I can only further conclude this wiki is little more than a vehicle for bigotry, intolerance, and hatred, just as was asserted in another wiki that criticizes this one and even a blog by a former administrator, and if that's the case, I want to be be permanently blocked as an editor from this wiki, as I want no more association with it, just as Jesus wished the temple of God to have no more association with moneychangers.
I bear you nor anyone else here any malice or ill will, Mr. Schlafly, but if this website is a representation of what true conservatives are like, then by its standards I'm a liberal. If this place is a representation of what followers of Christ believe, then by its standards I'm a heretic. And finally, if you want to know what I think a Christian is, then here it is in a sentence:
'''This user is a Christian, and remembers that Jesus preached tolerance and love, not homophobia and hate.'''
[[User:PatrickMarion|PatrickMarion]] 08:53, 4 January 2013 (EST)PatrickMarion