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Anti-Christian sentiment

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**• Violation of the institutional or collective dimension of religious freedom
**• Discriminatory “equality” policies
*II) Intolerance: Marginalization of Christians. Proposition to attack the organized religion was made, for example, by [[Richard Dawkins]], adherent of [[Militant atheism]]<ref name="DeniableDarwin">{{cite book|author=David Berlinski|title=The Deniable Darwin|publisher=Discovery Institute Press (reprinted from ''Commentary'' February 1998 by permission)|location=Seattle, USA|year=2009|pages=109|chapter=Denying Darwin: David Berlinski & Critics|isbn=978-0-9790141-2-3|url=|quote=But a public charge calls for a public response. In 1992, Mr.Dawkins, John Maynard Smith, and I did share a podium at Oxford University. His hands trembling with indignation, Mr. Dawkins proposed to attack the organized religion; I proposed to attack Richard Dawkins; and John Maynard Smith, seeing that it was required, proposed to defend Mr. Dawkins from my attack. ... I have a videotape of our encounter. If he wishes to debate again, Mr. Dawkins need only set the time and the place.}}</ref> and proponent of [[LGBT]] ideology Sir [[Elton John]] who would like to have all organized religion banned.<ref>{{cite web|title=Sir Elton: Ban organised religion|author=|publisher=BBC News|date=12 November 2006|accessdate=10 February 2013|url=|quote=Sir Elton John has said he would like to see all organised religion banned and accused it of trying to "turn hatred towards gay people"}}</ref>
**• Exclusion of Christians from social and public life
**• Exclusion of Christian symbols from the public
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