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Liberal bias

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{{See also|Liberal media bias}}
'''Liberal bias''' is partisan selection or distortion of information to support [[liberal]] policies. This bias can be expressed by [[professor values|professors]] and [[public school]] teachers, [[College Board]] exams, reporters and other journalists in mainstream media, and any other information source. Typically purveyors of liberal bias falsely present themselves as being objective. Liberal bias includes techniques such as distorted selection of information, [[placement bias]], [[photo bias]] and [[liberal style]].
Desperate evasions of discordant evidence, and the denigration and even demonizing of those presenting such evidence, are indicative of the high stakes in contemporary [[culture war]]s, which are not about alternative policies but [[Values clarification|alternative worlds]] and of alternative roles of liberals in these worlds. Opponents must be shown to be not merely mistaken but morally lacking. This approach replaces the intellectual discussion of arguments by the moral extermination of persons. This denigration or [[demonizing]] of those opposed to their views not only has the desired effect of discrediting the opposition but also has the unintended effect of cutting off the path of retreat from positions which become progressively less tenable with the passage of time and the accumulation of discordant evidence. The very thought that those dismissed as simplistic or maligned might have been right–even if only on a single issue–is at best galling and potentially devastating. Their last refuge in this situation are their good intentions.<ref>Thomas Sowell, [ ''The Vision of the Anointed''], New York: Basic Books, 1996.</ref>
</blockquote>  [[Roger Ailes]], a GOP political operative who founded and led [[Fox News Channel]], described the liberal media elite:{{Cquote|They just believe what they believe and they think their job is to drag the rest of the redneck morons toward the light. They don’t understand that the so-called redneck morons, the people they don’t like, are the people that grew up with values, patriotism, all those things. And they hate all those words.<ref name="GiveVoice">[ Roger Ailes: I Built Fox to Give Voice to Patriotic Average Americans Hated by Media Elites]. ''Breitbart News''. May 18, 2017. Retrieved May 19, 2017.</ref>}}
Jon Meacham, editor of the overly liberal weekly magazine, ''Newsweek'', in justifying its activist journalism, stated, “Let me say this, I don’t think we’re the only catcher in the rye between democracy and ignorance, but I think we’re one of them, and I don’t think there are that many standing on the edge of that cliff.”<ref></ref>
Some journalists have admitted that their reporting was decidedly biased, and had profound effects on history. West German correspondent Uwe Siemon-Netto confessed, "Having covered the Viet Nam war over a period of five years for West German publications, I am now haunted by the role we journalists have played over there." In relation to not reporting the true nature of the Hanoi regime and its actions resulting from the American withdrawal, he asked,
What prompted us to make our readers believe that the Communists, once in power in all of Viet Nam, would behave benignly? What made us, first and foremost Anthony Lewis, belittle warnings by U.S. officials that a Communist victory would result in a massacre?... Are we journalists not in part responsible for the death of the tens of thousands who drowned? And are we not in part responsible for the hostile reception accorded to those who survive?...However, the media have been rather coy; they have not declared that they played a key role in the conflict. They have not proudly trumpeted Hanoi's repeated expressions of gratitude to the mass media of the non-Communist world, although Hanoi has indeed affirmed that it could not have won "without the Western press."<ref name="ReferenceA">Uwe Siemon-Netto in the International Herald Tribune, reprinted in Encounter, October 1979</ref> Ironically, it was also because of the bias from the Western press, in particular ''[[The New York Times]]'', that caused the NVA to undergo their [[Tet Offensive]] with overconfidence that they would cause the entire South Vietnamese to embrace Communism and go against Capitalism and Saigon.<ref></ref>
''CBS Evening News with [[Walter Cronkite]]'' regularly carried news reports from its [[Moscow]] Bureau Chief, [[Bernard Redmont]]. When peace negotiations commenced with North Vietnam in Paris, Redmont became ''CBS News'' [[Paris]] Bureau Chief. What Redmont never reported during the ten year conflict was that he had been a [[KGB]] operative since the 1930s, and member of the notorious [[Silvermaster group]].<ref name="KGB file 43173 vol. 2 v pp. 46-55">[ KGB file 43173 vol. 2 (v) pp. 46-55], Alexander Vassiliev, Notes on A. Gorsky’s Report to Savchenko S.R., 23 December 1949. Original document from KGB Archives [].</ref> Redmont was the only journalist to whom his fellow [[Comintern]] party member, and North Vietnamese chief negotiator, Mai Van Bo, granted an interview to bring the Communist point of view into American living rooms in what has been called "the living room war."
=====Donald Trump=====
{{See also|Mainstream media's war on and Donald Trump}}
The leftist mainstream media has been very biased against President [[Donald Trump]].
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