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Ian Paisley

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Dr. the Reverend '''Ian Richard Kyle Paisley''' MP, MLA (born April 6, 1926) is a [[Northern Ireland|Northern Irish]] politician and religious leader. Paisley uses the title "Doctor" on the basis of an honorary [[Doctor of Divinity]] degree awarded by [[Bob Jones University]].
He is the founder and head of the [[fundamentalism|fundamentalist]] [[Free Presbyterian Church]] and the head of the [[Democratic Unionist Party]]. He is a lifelong teetotaler (he refers to alcohol as "the devil's buttermilk") known to known to frown upon dancing, a [[creationism|creationist]], strongly anti-[[abortion]] and supports the criminalisation of [[homosexuality]]. He also believes that the [[Pope|Bishop of Rome]] is the [[Antichrist]]<ref>[ The Pope is the Antichrist]</ref>.