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Ken Salazar

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[[Image:{{Officeholder|name=Ken Salazar|image=Salazar1.jpg|100pxparty=[[Democrat]]|rightspouse=Hope Salazar|religion=[[Roman Catholic]]|offices= {{Officeholder/secretary (cabinet) |of=the Interior |state=United States |number=50th |deputy=<!--Uninteligable value: "(n"--> |governor= |president=[[Barack Hussein Obama]] |terms=January 20, 2009-Present |preceded=[[Dirk Kempthorne]] |former=n |succeeded= }} {{Officeholder/senator |state=Colorado |terms=January 3, 2005 – January 20, 2009 |preceded=Ben Campbell |former=y |succeeded=[[Michael Bennett]] }} }}
'''Kenneth Lee Salazar''', born March 2, 1955 (age {{age|1955|3|2}}), is the current Secretary of Agriculture in the [[Obama Administration]]. Previously he was U.S. Senator from [[Colorado]]. He is member of the "[[Blue Dog Democrats|Blue Dog]]" conservative faction of the [[Democratic Party]]. He is of [[Latino]] heritage, his family arriving in Colorado before 1850.
{{Clear}}== Oil Drilling == Salazar, as a member of the [[Obama administration]], is in charge of issuing leases (permits) for oil drilling in [[America]]. Since coming to office, he has cancelled 77 leases approved by the [[Bush administration]]. He has shut down deep-water offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico due to the [[Gulf oil spill disaster]] and has issued just one permit his entire time in office, the first week of March 2011. In 2008, [[Mitch McConnell]] attempted to introduce legislation to trigger [[ANWR]] oil drilling in the event of an emergency. The now famous exchange had Salazar denying oil drilling even if the cost of gasoline reaches $10 per gallon. [ See video] 
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