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Battle of Old Church

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The '''Battle of Old Church''' was a cavalry battle fought on May 30, 1864 several miles east of Mechanicsville, Virginia near the banks of Matadequin Creek. With Lieutenant General [[Ulysses S. Grant]]'s [[Overland Campaign]] stalled along the Totopotomoy Creek line, Federal cavalry began probing east and south looking for weakness along the flanks. On May 30, a division under Brigadier General Alfred Torbert attacked and defeated a Confederate brigade near Old Church, driving Brigadier General Matthew Butler's troopers south towards Cold Harbor. <ref>National Park Service, Heritage Preservation Services, American Battlefield Protection Program, Civil War Sites Advisory Commission Report on the Nation’s Civil War Battlefields, Battle Summary, retrieved April 21, 2011[] ''The battle summaries were researched and written by Dale E. Floyd and David W. Lowe, staff members of the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission and historians with the National Park Service''. </ref> The Battle of Old Church, though relatively minor, lead the way to the bloody [[Battle of Cold Harbor]] the following day.