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  • ...ened in recent years. Ninety-three percent of [[children]] enter [[primary school]] today, compared with 87% in 1994. Major universities include Cairo Univer ...gned Movement as a whole. Cairo has been a crossroads of Arab commerce and culture for millennia, and its intellectual and Islamic institutions are at the cen
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  • ...mile from Pensford, and 6 m. from Bristol. In 1646 he entered Westminster School and remained there for six years. Westminster was uncongenial to him. Its m with public men, the springs of political action and the duties of high office.
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  • ...emes are common in Australia with temperatures sometimes measured into the high 40s Celsius (45 degrees Celsius = 113 degrees Fahrenheit). The city of Dar ...the events at the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11. Although their technical culture remained static—depending on wood, bone, and stone tools and weapons—th
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  • University of Virginia, School of Architecture. [[Image:The High Museum of Art in Atlanta.jpg|thumb|The High [[Museum]] of Art in [[Atlanta]].]]
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  •]</ref> This rapid growth is mainly due to conversions, high birth rates, and convenient redefinitions of the term "Muslim". Conversions ...North Africa, Sudan, and Nigeria; and Hanafi, considered the most moderate school, predominant in Ottoman Turkey and today found primarily on the Levant and
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  • A tireless writer of tracts and hymns, Luther reshaped German religious culture by rejecting clerical celibacy and creating a new liturgy that emphasized c ...nd folk music through the singing of German-language hymns in worship, the school, the home, and the public arena.<ref>Christopher Boyd Brown, ''Singing the
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  • ...usly debated explanations for the trial and execution of Anne in 1536. One school emphasizes contentious court factions in which Queen Anne was an innocent p ...osperous economy, augmented by seizures of church lands heavy spending and high taxes damaged the economy.
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  • ...up to age 16. Enrolment rates: first (primary) level 449,508, second (high school and vocational) level 335,162, third (university and college) level 133,691 ...e 1990s. For the first time in its modern history, Ireland is experiencing high levels of inward migration, a phenomenon with political, economic, and soci
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  • ...f Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.''' [] Does anybody find it odd that the exclusion of [[G '''In the first of its high-profile, end-of-term decisions, the [[U.S. Supreme Court]] split 4-4 on whe
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  • scale adopted in 1914. Fordism promoted the consumer culture based on high income workers who could afford to buy cars at a time when only the rich in ...k; the suspension used two semi-elliptic springs. It had 20 horsepower and high wheels, so it could handle the muddy unpaved roads that typified the countr
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  • ...ecks, or or other liberal slurs for reverse discrimination'', had a unique culture devoted to life in the highland.<ref>Memories of a Lewis Mountain Man by Jo ...cilities which attracts many out of state residents (i.e., the Appalachian School of Law). The [[Coal]] industry is an important industry and way of life in
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  • ...ghout his life he built mechanical devices and fashioned his own tools for high-precision work. ...ath of her second husband, returned to Woolsthorpe and took her son out of school with the idea of making him a farmer. He hated farming. His mother, after c
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  • ...le on the projected for growth of Islam in Europe under zero, moderate and high immigration scenarios: Although the secular Left has made some significant recent gains in the [[culture war]] (for example, the "legalization" of [[same-sex marriage|homosexual "m
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  • Among African Americans, [[Christianity]] is very high, and the standard practice since [[Reconstruction]] is for black ministers ...The concept of promoting and having all Americans accept a separate "Black culture" in the United States has culminated in the opening of a separate Smithsoni
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  • ...sense, he accused Christianity of nihilism. He also suggested that Western culture seemed no longer rooted in Christian dogmatism and a faith-based worldview. ...onalistic German Chancellor who'd unified Germany. Caiaphas was the Jewish high priest at the time of [[Jesus]] (Matthew 26:3). In other letters, Nietzsche
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  • ...ased on the [[libertarian]] ideas of [[Milton Friedman]] and the [[Chicago School of Economics]]. "Reaganomics" was based on the idea that tax cuts will spur ...American experience was part of the deeper current of Western learning and culture. He pointed out that a respect for law, an appreciation for tradition, and
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  • ...omist]], influential during Reagan administration; leader of the [[Chicago School of Economics]] ...omewhere in-between.<ref>See [
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  • ...his father was of modest means. Oliver was sent to the Huntingdon Grammar School and afterwards for one year only to Sidney Sussex College at [[Cambridge Un ...'s only speech in the Parliament of 1628-1629 was a fierce attack upon the High Church bishops. About 1628 he had a profound religious conversion that shap
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  • #Adam Lanza, who conducted a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, has been identified as editing Wikipedia particularly reg ...ntained threats against an Asian student and made ethnic slurs against the school's primarily Asian badminton team.<ref name="LATimes">{{cite news| url=http:
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  • using the same means as emerging nation-states: promoting a homogeneous culture aided especially by universal use of Latin; authorizing new rites and folk ...l. The Pope claimed for the Catholic Church total control over science and culture. Liberals viewed this as a declaration of war by the Church on modern civil
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