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Stephane Dion
Stéphane Dion is the former leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, the previous majority political party in Canada. He supports the Kyoto protocol, taking firm action against Climate Change and opposes Québec sovereignty. He holds both Canadian and French citizenship. Dion's family even has a husky named "Kyoto" which they purchased "to cheer themselves up after the Liberals lost the 2006 federal election."[1] In May 1999, Dion was the victim of a pie-in-the-face gag which he was not amused by, responded coldly to and even went as far as to press assault charges over.[2] Stéphane Dion has also been criticized for being unable to speak fluent English.

The Liberal Party lost additional seats in the 2008 Canadian Election, and Dion said that the party lost because he did not get the Liberal message out, and took responsibility saying “If people are asking why, it's because I failed.” Dion was replaced by Michael Ignatieff in 2008. Despite this he contiunes to hold his seat in the House of Commons.

Following the Liberals forming government in 2015, Dion was appointed to the Canadian Cabinet serving until he was appointed as an Ambassador in 2017.