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Stephen Fry

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Stephen Fry is a English comedian, actor and writer, born 24 August 1957 (age 58).

He has published several books and hosts the TV comedy quiz show QI. He is perhaps best known for his comedy partnership with Hugh Laurie, with whom he appeared in the popular series Blackadder alongside Rowan Atkinson. He also played the role of Gordon Dietrich in the film V for Vendetta.

Fry has is a self-described liberal and well known homosexual. Despite having a Jewish heritage (which he claims to be proud of), Fry is also a self-confessed atheist.[1] He also has bipolar disorder.

Fry (with Christopher Hitchens) took part in a debate for Intelligence2 on the topic "Is the Catholic church a force for good?" against Ann Widdecombe and Archbishop John Onaiyekan. The mixed crowd was asked to vote at the end of the debate. Fry won by an overwhelming margin, 1876 against and only 268 for.[2]

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