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Street slang is a common argot used by many youth and members of minority subcultures to express specific sentiment not easily encapsulated by the standard English language. Common examples of street slang include:

  • Vato (used by Hispanic immigrants in gangs),
  • Homie,
  • Holla,
  • Cuhz,
  • Ragsnaozzle Gus Gus,
  • Home Dawg, and many others.

Barack Obama's use of such language and familiarity with such patois was one of the key aspects of the identity politics on which his campaign was based.[1]


  1. Many linguists view street slang as destructive influence on society, as it degrades communication skills among disadvantaged youth, encouraging subpar communication. However, some liberals defend it as just another variety of language, as capable as any other of expressing what its users need to express.