Subcontinental Cuisine in the UK

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Due to immigration, cuisine from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh has a long history in the UK - the first Indian Restaurant in that country was opened in 1773 in Portman Square, London.

However, its current popularity dates from the large scale immigration of the 1950s - now one of the most popular cuisines in the UK (rivaling even native cuisine), it has evolved a character somewhat distinct from its origins.

Establishments offering Subcontinental cuisine are usually referred to indiscriminately as 'Indians', regardless of whether their owners are from India, or Bangladesh, Pakistan or Sri Lanka. The menu in a typical 'Indian' has become somewhat standardized for the convenience of local customers, with typical main dishes including:

Popular side dishes are popadoms and naan bread.

The most famous of all these "Indian" restaurants is the "Rupali" restaurant owned by the Lord of Harpole in the Bigg Market, Newcastle upon Tyne.