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Hate group?

An editor recently added:

The American Enterprise Institute has been categorized and smeared by Wikipedia experts as a "hate group".

No reference is provided.

I'm removing it for these reasons:

  • Wikipedia's article, American Enterprise Institute, does not contain the word "hate" or the phrase "hate group" or anything obviously similar. It says the American Enterprise Institute is "often cited as a center-right counterpart to the center-left Brookings Institution" and "is closely associated with the neoconservative movement."
  • The categories Wikipedia places on the article include: "1943 establishments | American Enterprise Institute | Bradley Foundation | Conservative organizations in the United States | Political and economic think tanks | Prominent conservative research groups in the United States | Think tanks based in the United States." None of these seems inappropriate to me, and none of them even vaguely resembles "hate group."
  • There is no category "Hate groups." There is an article, List of purported hate groups, but the American Enterprise Institute does not appear on it.

In short, Wikipedia does not call the American Enterprise Institute a "hate group."

(In any case, why would this be relevant in the article? Who cares what Wikipedia says? That might be relevant to the article on Wikipedia, but not to an article on the American Enterprise Institute.) Dpbsmith 17:55, 9 June 2007 (EDT)

Don't worry, we'll make the connection. RobS 18:02, 9 June 2007 (EDT)
Please begin by indicating where Wikipedia calls the AEI a "hate group." Dpbsmith 20:32, 10 June 2007 (EDT)

Ed Poor requested a reference for the claim that AEI is a neocon group. That's a good question, since as far as I can tell it doesn't identify itself that way. I changed "neoconservative" to "conservative" and added a line noting that many of its members are considered to be neoconservative. Both of those seem pretty clear--AEI is certainly not liberal, and Kristol, Perle, Frum, etc. are neocons if anyone is.Reaganetics 15:01, 21 June 2007 (EDT)