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Rewriting, restructuring, removing fact tag

My edit induced some structure into the previous one-paragraph mess and also cleaned up the overall style (and cleaned up the source formatting). I also included the new (and apparently current) block of Wikipedia in China.

The only not-quite-brilliant move was the removal of the "fact" tag that was previously attached to the sentence about Baidu Baike's growth. This growth is noted even in Wikipedia itself (Baidu Baike, Chinese Wikipedia), but it's apparently based on either user observations or Chinese sources, so I can't find a reliable source for it. Thus, I accepted this as "Most likely true, but extremely hard to verify" and removed the "fact" tag to lighten the burden on the currently horribly overcrowded "Articles with unsourced statements" category. --JakeC 18:45, 1 January 2008 (EST)