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This page is innacurate and should be restarted from scratch. A good start will be separating Behaviorism and and Radical Behaviorism, which are entirely different schools of thought. It should also be clarified that Pavlov was not a behaviorist or a psychologist at all, but rather a neurologist with no interest in psychology. His experiments were meant as a neurological study, and it was by somewhat of a fluke that he ended up being one of the most popular names in psychology. Also, I would take issue with the statement that behaviorists believe that behavior is output derived purely from environmental inputs. If this can be ascribed to any psychologist it would be to Watson, a behaviorist, and not Skinner, a radical behaviorist. This article needs to address the point of behaviorism, which was to move away from the armchair psychology that preceded it.--Laches 00:48, 22 July 2007 (EDT)