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Cut from intro:

He was a hero to conservatives, and became the most well known opponent of Franklin D. Roosevelt's foreign policy in the late 1930s.

Please explain how he was a hero. Why did he oppose FDR's foreign policy? --Ed Poor Talk 11:35, 20 March 2009 (EDT)


Jospeh Burrell's "polemic" (according its own introduction) states on page 44, excerpted,

"Despite thier apparent differences, capitalism, communism, and consevativism are all fascist systems and they are all based on the social darwinist ideas of Herbert Spencer complemented by the eugenicist ideas of Francis Galton....Make no mistake about it, the consevative ideology is very much the same as the ideology of Adolph Hitler and, though it is not as obvious, also the ideology of Joseph Stalin...." [1]

OK, this liberal intellectualism maybe appropriate somewhere on the web, but here it's lacking encyclopedia quality and value. At least now we understand how several Maoists can be appointed to high positions in Obama administration. But as a source for the Charles Lindbergh article, or Conservapedia as a whole, this book, and Charles Burrell don't quite stack up. Let's call it, "liberal quackery." marginal, fringe, partisan, extreme, lacking in mainstream, peer reviewed, reputatable and reliable sources. Rob Smith 09:01, 22 November 2009 (EST)