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Right to choose

Feminists like to talk about "a women's right to choose", as a slogan favoring abortion on demand. However, this popular liberal notion is not based on a genuine respect for people making their own choices. It is only the abortion option which is being favored, not the general power or freedom of making a decision without government or social coercion.

Moreover, the right to choose is denied for homosexuals, both male and female. Liberals favor only the option of indulging homosexual preferences rather than the option of seeking religious or therapeutic help to deal with unwanted same-sex desires. Indeed, they have demonized the latter option, claiming it restricts human freedom (?).

In the economic sphere, obviously, liberal support for socialism's central planning shows that they don't want people to make their own agreements. Choosing what price to pay for something, or at what rate to sell one's labor, is something that liberals hate. --Ed Poor Talk 16:46, 26 December 2009 (EST)