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Pretty lame. No sources; no references; two of the four links are dead, and a third (messianic Judaism) goes to a problematic article.

America wants to know:

1. From what sources did you assemble the list?

2. What are the actual, useful, definitions for words such as "meanness".

3. How do you derive your "Code of Unrighteous Acts" subsets? Why, for example, is seduction "Robbery" rather than "Immorality"?

I would suggest that you withdraw the article until you are able to provide better documentation.

The source is the Bible. America does not want to know, you do. Definitions for words? This isn't simply a dictionary, and if you find you need to keep consulting one you are perhaps overstretching your reading level. Messianic judaism - a problematic article..? Dictionary - book of word meanings - says: involving difficulties or problems; unsettled or posing an uncertain outcome. That applies exactly how? Fox 12:26, 25 May 2007 (EDT)


The source is not the Bible, it is\articles\unrighteousacts.htm, from which you copied it almost word from word. That's why you haven't provided footnotes, references, or links. Did you, at least, get their permission to use their copyrighted material?

Lol - rewording material is not plagiarism, and permission is not needed therefore. Furthermore, a list of facts cannot be considered intellectual copyright. Also, why are footnotes, references or links needed for a list of items that comprise the sole subject matter of the article heading? You seem to be just a little annoyed that I called you out for your rudeness and incivility to another editor. I also note that your contributions consist sonly of liberal carping and complaining on talk pages. Go away and do something productive :) Fox 18:00, 25 May 2007 (EDT)